Artist Statement - Federico Solmi Artist, New York -

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Artist Statement



Through satirical video installations, I portray a dystopian vision of our present-day society. The animations combine traditional media such as drawing and painting, with innovative media such as 3D animation, video-game technologies, and kinetic technology. I playfully and irreverently depict the most loathed aspects of contemporary life and western society through absurd narratives. The universe that I like to represent is the exaltation of a present that is crumbling apart. The protagonists of my videos are always catapulted into the middle of an undecipherable reality. Typically, they are all lost characters; confused inhabitants of a world in which are desperately seeking their role and forced to live inside a mad and hostile society without rules. This is a world that inexorably continues to regenerate and to renew itself, while at the same time is falling in front of our eyes. In my work, I express a harsh criticism toward the system that approves and trusts without questioning the fragile foundation on which our culture and post-modernist society is based.

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